Adjunct Dissertation Faculty Member

Adjunct Dissertation Faculty Member

locationUnited States
PublishedPublished: 12/8/2023
Faculty / Staff
Full Time

Job Description:

Saybrook University is seeking an Adjunct Dissertation Faculty Member to join its Business and Administration & Leadership and Management Department to advise and oversee dissertation research. Saybrook University is committed to academic excellence and diversity within the faculty, staff and student body and is recruiting a passionate educator to support the university mission. Saybrook University seeks a candidate with strong experience conducting and advising doctoral dissertation research.

Under the direction of the Department Chair, the Adjunct Dissertation Faculty Member is responsible for providing excellent research mentoring of graduate students. Adjunct Dissertation Faculty bring a unique perspective to the University due to their expertise in their specific field, as well as expertise with specific research methodologies. Ideal candidates have an understanding of diverse student learners and understand the unique humanistic style of instruction at Saybrook University. In addition, ideal candidates have 5 years of experience in the leadership and management studies.

Under the direction of the Department Chair, the Adjunct Dissertation Faculty Member is responsible for:

  • Serving on dissertation or thesis committees as the faculty chair;
  • Participating in curriculum development, as needed;
  • Advising graduate students;
  • Providing constructive feedback, guidance, and oversight of student research;
  • Evaluating the dissertation drafts and issuing the appropriate grades;
  • Demonstrating professional development including innovations and changes within the field;
  • Engaging in distance learning instruction;
  • Exhibiting flexibility in teaching students from diverse backgrounds;
  • Demonstrating strong computer competency;
  • Engaging in collaborate activities with professional staff, faculty and students across the University;

In addition, overseeing student research in several of the following areas:

  • Action Research
  • Auto Ethnographic Research
  • Biomedical Research Models and Statistics
  • Case Study
  • Ethnographic and Cross Cultural
  • Experimental Research
  • Grounded Theory
  • Heuristic Research
  • Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA)
  • Introductory Research Courses
  • Library and Information Competency
  • Narrative Research: Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Phenomenology, Research Statistics, Systems Research, Theoretical Research.

Position Requirements:

  • Doctoral degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher learning required, ideally in the areas of research, psychology or integrative medicine, however strong candidates from other fields will be considered;
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience developing and teaching graduate level courses at the foundational level, advanced level in leadership and management studies, and mentoring students on dissertations;
  • Knowledge and experience of online higher education and research/IRB administration best practices;
  • Experience with Office 365, Learning Management Systems (Canvas experience preferred), and other software for research, IRB administration, and online teaching; and
  • Clear communication and superior collaboration skills.

Position Qualifications:

  • Strong commitment to the goals and vision of Saybrook University;
  • Committed to program and University growth;
  • Committed to teaching, practice, and research (experience with online instruction is desirable);
  • Able to offer online instruction regarding topics and skills within his/her areas of expertise;
  • Active researcher with research publications;
  • The ability to teach with real-world experience;
  • Technologically skilled in communication, presentation, and online learning systems; and
  • Passionate about academic fields and educational instruction.
  • Applications should include:
  • Cover Letter
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Statement of Research History
  • Statement of Teaching History
  • Transcripts
  • Value Statement (Potential candidates will review Saybrook University’s Mission and summarize how their individual values related to the goals of the University).

Saybrook University is an Equal Opportunity Employer that celebrates diversity and inclusion.

About Saybrook University:

Saybrook University was founded over 50 years ago by some of the greatest minds of the 20th century and continues to inspire a new generation of innovators. A non-profit regionally accredited university known for its commitment to humanistic studies and rigorous research, Saybrook University’s academic model puts the student at the center of everything we do to provide a unique, transformational, learning experience. Saybrook offers advanced degrees in organizational systems, psychology, mind-body medicine, and counseling, all in flexible learning formats to help students continue to be active contributors to the fields they work in while they advance their education. Saybrook University is proud to be a diverse, inclusive community of

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Compensation & Benefits

Three credit courses are budgeted at $2,000-4,000 per course, dependent upon student enrollment. Two credit courses are budgeted at $1,334-2,668 per course, dependent upon student enrollment. Under-enrolled courses may fall below these ranges. Additional compensation factors may impact total compensation. To learn more about our competitive benefits and additional rewards, including generous paid time-off, medical and dental insurance coverage, life and disability insurance, retirement plan with employer contribution, multiple flexible spending accounts, tuition reimbursement, click the link below.

Saybrook University is an Equal Opportunity Employer.