Opportunity Program - Workforce Development Instructor (Pooled Position)

Opportunity Program - Workforce Development Instructor (Pooled Position)

locationUnited States
PublishedPublished: 12/14/2023
Education / Training
Full Time

Position Title
Opportunity Program - Workforce Development Instructor (Pooled Position)

Job Category

Range Minimum

Position Type

Workforce Development - Instructional

Job Summary
  • Instruct adult and transitional high school students with developmental disabilities in foundational, pre-vocational skills in a specific area of expertise. For example, culinary, horticulture or building maintenance.
  • Assess the instructional requirements of student cohort and provide orientation and instruction to program content and expected competencies to be learned.
  • Create curriculum and lessons that utilize a variety of instructional techniques, with particular emphasis in hands-on skills, to prepare students to apply new acquired abilities in an entry-level position in the workplace.
  • Ensure that industry standards and certifications are incorporated into the program, as applicable. For example, ServSafe certification, general safety practices, etc.
  • Provide training in the proper use of tools and equipment to the related industry.
  • Reinforce the skills training to the application of skills in real-life job settings.
  • Instruct on, and emphasize the attributes for successful employee behaviors. For example, timeliness, attendance, following supervisor instruction, communication and interaction with peers and supervisors in the work place.

Responsibilities include creating and teaching courses in your area of subject matter expertise. Class schedules may include day, evening or weekends.

Qualifications - Education

Minimum AS or AAS degree or industry relevant certification(s), with a strong work history and demonstrated subject matter expertise. Professional designations or certifications in subject matter desired.

Qualifications - Experience
  • Knowledge of subject matter via life experience, certification or other demonstrated skill mastery required.
  • Knowledge of current industry practices.
  • Previous teaching experience of adult learners, and experience with individuals with varying abilities, learning styles strongly desired.

Qualifications - Skills
  • Ability to deliver education to diverse students and flexibility throughout delivery.
  • Ability to utilize a variety of teaching methods including demonstration, hands-on lessons, creating engaging visuals, application of technology where appropriate.
  • Excellent communication skills

Work Hours

Class schedules may include day, evening or weekend schedules. Please specify availability.